Steam Linux Beta on Fedora 18 (x86 64 or x86)

Steam Linux Beta on Fedora 18 (x86 64 or x86)

These instructions are old! Use this instead:

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/steam.repo
yum install steam


Get the .deb.

Unpack it with :

ar x steam.deb
tar -xvzf data.tar.gz -C /

Now install

yum install glibc.i686 \
libX11.i686 \
libstdc++.i686 \
mesa-libGL.i686 \
mesa-dri-drivers.i686 \
libtxc_dxtn.i686 \
libXrandr.i686 \
pango.i686 \
gtk2.i686 \
alsa-lib.i686 \
nss.i686 \
libpng12.i686 \
openal-soft.i686 \

Now you should be able to run the steam client from /usr/bin/steam or from the Applications - Games menu

If you have issues, try :

cd ~/.local/share/Steam
LD_DEBUG="libs" ./

To see what is going on. Sometimes you will see something like :

9228:   trying file=tls/i686/sse2/
9228:   trying file=tls/i686/
9228:   trying file=tls/sse2/
9228:   trying file=tls/
9228:   trying file=i686/sse2/
9228:   trying file=i686/
9228:   trying file=sse2/
9228:   trying
9228:  search cache=/etc/
9228:  search path=/lib/i686:/lib/sse2:/lib:/usr/lib/i686:/usr/lib/sse2:/usr/lib      (system search path)
9228:   trying file=/lib/i686/
9228:   trying file=/lib/sse2/
9228:   trying file=/lib/
9228:   trying file=/usr/lib/i686/
9228:   trying file=/usr/lib/sse2/
9228:   trying file=/usr/lib/

And the steam client will then hang, or say "Error loading". It is because you are missing in this case.

running ldd against the files in ".local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/" should reveal most of the deps you need.