Fedora 32 Wallpaper Submission - Story

Fedora 32 Wallpaper Submission - Story

Fedora opens submissions for wallpapers to be submitted for the next version of the release. I used fedora for a long time, so I decided to submit this photo, and write this post to talk about it:


This was takeing on 2019-11-19 in my home city of Adelaide, South Australia. I had traveled to see some friends over Christmas. We went to Mount Osmond to take some photos, and I took this as we walked up to the lookout.

The next day, this area was a high risk location for a possible bushfire - and many bushfires have since devastated many regions of Australia, affecting many people that I know.

I really find that the Australian landscape is so different to Europe or Asia - many tones of subtle reds, browns, and more. A dry and dusty look. The palette is such a contrast to the lush greens of Europe. Australia is a really beautiful country, in a very distinct and striking manner.

Anyway, I hope you like the photo :)