Enable caBLE on your iPhone for testing

Enable caBLE on your iPhone for testing

caBLE allows a nearby device (such as your iPhone) to be used an a webauthn authenticator. Given my work on WebauthnRS I naturally wanted to test this! When I initially tried to test caBLE with webauthn via my iPhone, I recieved an error that the operation wasn't available at this time. There was no other information available.


After some digging into Console.app, I found the log message from AuthenticationServicesAgent which stated:

"Syncing platform authenticator must be enabled to register a platform public key credential; this can be enabled in Settings > Developer."

Enabling Developer Settings

Run Xcode.app on your mac. On your iPhone close and reopen settings. Then search for "developer".

Inside of that menu enable [Syncing Platform Authenticator]{.title-ref} and [Additional Logging]{.title-ref} under [PassKit]{.title-ref}.

After that you should be able to test caBLE!