Using the latest 389-ds on OpenSUSE

Thanks to some help from my friend who works on OBS, I’ve finally got a good package in review for submission to tumbleweed. However, if you are impatient and want to use the “latest” and greatest 389-ds version on OpenSUSE.

zypper ar obs://network:ldap network:ldap
zypper in 389-ds


docker run --rm -i -t

To make it persistent:

docker run -v 389ds_data:/data <your options here ...>

Then to run the admin tools:

docker exec -i -t <container name> /usr/sbin/dsconf ...
docker exec -i -t <container name> /usr/sbin/dsidm ...

Testing in docker?

If you are “testing” in docker (please don’t do this in production: for production see above) you’ll need to do some tweaks to get around the lack of systemd.

docker run -i -t opensuse/tumbleweed:latest
zypper ar obs://network:ldap network:ldap
zypper in 389-ds

vim /usr/share/dirsrv/inf/defaults.inf
# change the following to match:
with_systemd = 0

What next?

After this, you should now be able to follow our new quickstart guide on the 389-ds website.

If you followed the docker steps, skip to adding users and groups

The network:ldap repo and the container listed are updated when upstream makes releases so you’ll always get the latest 389-ds

EDIT: Updated 2019-04-03 to change repo as changes have progressed forward.

EDIT: Updated 2019-08-27 Improve clarity about when you need to do docker tweaks, and add docker image steps