Enable caBLE on your iPhone for testing

caBLE allows a nearby device (such as your iPhone) to be used an a webauthn authenticator. Given my work on WebauthnRS I naturally wanted to test this! When I initially tried to test caBLE with webauthn via my iPhone, I recieved an error that the operation wasn’t available at this time. There was no other information available.


After some digging into Console.app, I found the log message from AuthenticationServicesAgent which stated:

“Syncing platform authenticator must be enabled to register a platform public key credential; this can be enabled in Settings > Developer.”

Enabling Developer Settings

Run Xcode.app on your mac. On your iPhone close and reopen settings. Then search for “developer”.

Inside of that menu enable Syncing Platform Authenticator and Additional Logging under PassKit.

After that you should be able to test caBLE!